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Teabloom Celebration Complete Tea Set – Stovetop Safe Glass


Teabloom Celebration Complete Tea Set – Stovetop Safe Glass


Product Description


Teabloom's Celebration Blooming Tea Set makes Teatime Timeless. Each set contains an exquisite 40 oz. hand-blown Glass Teapot specially crafted from lead-safe glass. Its crystal clear shape and glass lid allow you to witness the flowering bloom unfurling within. In addition to the teapot, you'll also get a tea infuser for loose leaf teas, a glass tea warmer to place under your teapot, and four 3.4 oz. crystal-clear double-walled glasses. But the real magic is inside the canister where you'll find 12 special Flowering Teas. Teabloom fuses the finest Grade AA Green Tea Leaves with exquisite flowers. This unique combination is then hand sewn into small clusters by tea artisans after being blended 5 times with Jasmine. The aromatic scent and flavor compete only with the beauty unfolding before your eyes as the tea cluster unfurls into a beautiful flower in the teapot. Not only do you get the aroma, taste and beauty of a delicious cup of flowering tea, but you'll also reap the health benefits. Because no filters or tea bags are used with Teabloom's flowering teas, all the antioxidants and beneficial polyphenols are preserved. Each tea flower arrives individually sealed in a foil pouch to protect its freshness and each one can be used up to three times in 24 hours. So one tea bloom essentially gives you 15 cups of delicious green tea. Each Celebration Gift Set comes with brew instructions so you can enjoy the perfect cup of tea. It's as simple as unwrapping your choice of Flowering Tea, placing the tea ball into the teapot, adding boiling water and watching the magic happen. A beautiful, aromatic flower will unfold its petals while steeping in the water, creating delicious tasting tea before your eyes. Teabloom's Celebration Tea Pot and double-walled thermal glasses are as functional as they are beautiful. Because they are made of hand-blown Borosilicate glass, they're easy to care for. They are able to handle extreme temperatures without cracking, even if you're going from the refrigerator to the stovetop. Borosilicate glass is dishwasher safe, microwave safe and much more thermal resistant than most glassware. Give Teabloom's Celebration Gift Set the next time you want to make a marvelous memory as timeless as our tea.

complete tea setcomplete tea set


Year after year, the Celebration Complete Blooming Tea Gift Set is one of Teabloom's best-loved, top sellers.


This special gift set comes with everything you need to for a delightful modern-day tea party. Starting with a borosilicate glass teapot that allows you to watch the flowering tea "blooming" inside, each product is thoughtfully chosen to maximize pleasure for you, your guests, and family. It's also a perfect gift for just about anyone.

  • Extra-large Celebration Glass Teapot - holds 4-5 cups
  • Glass infuser insert for loose tea
  • Four double-wall, borosilicate tea cups - each holds 3.4 oz.
  • 12 individually-wrapped flowering tea varieties -- see complete list below*
  • Durable glass tea warmer keeps your pot warm to extend your enjoyment
  • We've even included a tealight candle for the warmer!

*This is the only set on the market that includes twelve varieties of healthy, delicious blooming tea flowers--each with a unique floral display, flavor, and scent. Flavors included in this set:

    "li"Enchanting Beauty, Jasmine Lover, Floral Passion, Eternal Love, Fairy Lily, Sunset Love, Rising Spring, Fireplace Bloom, Golden Oasis, Heart Bouquet, Shooting Star, Dancing Leaves
Teapot Features"noscript"Teapot Features


Choosy tea buyers know the Celebration Complete Blooming Tea Set stands above its competitors.

    "li"Watch the beauty of flowering tea "blooming" inside the crystal-clear teapot "li"Rest assured that every piece is safe, strong and beautiful--crafted of strong, lead-safe and cadmium-safe borosilicate glass "li"Safely use teapot and laser-cut glass infuser with stovetop, microwave and dishwasher "li"Use this versatile teapot with loose-leaf, flowering tea, and teabags "li"Enjoy comfortable, extra-large teapot handle and non-drip spout "li"Keep your tea warm and hands cool with double-wall borosilicate glass teacups "li"Relish your tea longer--glass warmer and candle keeps your pot of tea warm "li"Experience 12 unique, delicious blooming teas -- no other set on the market offers more variety "li"Re-steep each tea flower up to three times for hundreds of cups of delicious, fragrant tea "li"Boost health with antioxidants, polyphenols, flavonoids, catechins, and L-theanine in blooming tea Keep reading below for more details....
Luxury teasLuxury teas

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